Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) inspires, develops, and promotes visual literacy and cultural understanding through cross-disciplinary educational opportunities that supplement formal classroom study, as an educational laboratory to benefit students, faculty, and the community-at-large as part of the university learning experience.

LUAG is an active Member of the American Alliance of Museums, and has taken the AAM’s Pledge of Excellence to uphold its museum standards and best practices.

The American Alliance of Museums strengthens the museum community by supporting excellence in all museums through advocacy and service. The AAM supports 30,000 museums, individuals, and companies by developing standards and best practices, providing resources, and career development.

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Walker Evans

Walker Evans

A CAMPUS ART COLLECTION and gallery system contributes to the life of a university in many ways. It is a treasury of riches, a repository of knowledge, a source of wonder and inspiration. It is an open window to cultures and times distant from our own, and a signpost directing us to the things we hold in common. Through the objects it places on display, it exposes us to the dramas and complexities of the human condition, and reminds us of the creativity of which all of us are capable. Most of all, it asks us to pause and take a closer look, to sharpen our sights and reflect on the subjects and experiences before us. In the best of cases, it is a gateway to a form of visual learning as formidable and necessary in a university setting as reading or writing.

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LUAG strives to further the Lehigh University’s educational and cultural mission: to advance learning through the integration of teaching, research, and service to others. LUAG’s core educational resource is its Teaching Collection, which it uses, along with traveling exhibitions from outside the university, to create settings for experiential learning—a visual laboratory in which students and faculty have direct experiences of works of art and cultural materials. Through first-hand observation, students develop skills to respond critically to works of art and the cultural institutions that frame them.

LUAG refers to itself as a “museum-without-walls”, extending throughout three campuses in the form of galleries, classrooms, sculpture gardens, and open-storage for its teaching collection. In this way, LUAG seeks to integrate visual literacy with the daily experience of the Lehigh community.

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