A Collaborative Sound Sculpture Celebrating 20 Years of Zoellner Arts Center

Humming computers. A droning HVAC system. The murmur of voices in a crowded lobby. These often unnoticed sounds create a sonic landscape that provides raw material for sound sculptor Scott Sherk. By chopping, compressing, and recombining recordings of these ambient sounds, Sherk constructs sonic forms that heighten the listener’s experience of space. His installation SonanceZOELLNER incorporates light, speakers, and the natural resonance of the building to transform the Zoellner Arts Center into a sculptural sound environment.

SonanceZOELLNER is a collaboration between the artist, Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) and the Zoellner Arts Center celebrating the 20th year of the establishment of Zoellner presented in conjunction with the departments of Theater and Art/Architecture/Design. Sherk’s installation celebrates the Zoellner building though sound. He has created sound sculptures from the building’s ambient sounds while keeping in mind the building’s prevailing “roomtones” and common resonant frequencies.  By altering Zoellner’s ambient sounds, he transforms the listener’s experience and brings attention to how these sounds translate the building’s physical features, such as size or material. There are five sound units located throughout the building and one outside, hidden in a ventilation shaft. SonanceZOELLNER is on exhibit until December 10, 2017.

What Is Sound Art?

So what exactly is sound art or sound sculpture? According to Sherk “sound art is paying very close attention to all sounds and using them as material to be manipulated.  I like to think about sound sculpture because it has a more physical and spatial connotation.  Sound sculpture can be like sculpture.  Sculpture uses form to manipulate space.  Sound sculpture uses sound to manipulate space.”

Who Is Scott Sherk?

Scott Sherk is a local area artist based out of eastern Pennsylvania. Sherk has exhibited widely including exhibitions at the Katonah Museum of Art, the Allentown Art Museum, the Kim Foster Gallery NYC, and the Leslie Cecil Gallery NYC. His exhibitions have been favorably reviewed by the New York Times and ArtForum. His sound work has been released on CD by 3Leaves, and/OAR, and net releases by Stasisfield and Wandering Ear.

Scott Sherk is a former Professor of Art at Muhlenberg College and is currently their Artist-in-Residence. He has been a recipient of the Muhlenberg Class of ’32 Research Chair and twice recipient of the Hoffman Research Fellowship.

To learn more about Scott Sherk’s other projects visit http://thethirdbarn.org/.

Photographing Sound?

What does sound look like? Can you capture it? As a companion piece to Scott Sherk’s installation, SonanceZOELLNER: A Collaborative Sound Sculpture Celebrating 20 Years of Zoellner Arts Center, we challenge you to show us sound. Sherk is turning Zoellner into a living, breathing sound environment giving you plenty of sounds to explore. Everyone is invited to participate. All you need to do is share your sound on your social media and use #ZACsound in the description. We will be sharing some of our favorite submissions on our LUAG social media platforms. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

LUAG reserves the right to not feature any submissions that are deemed inappropriate or may be harmful to some viewers. Only submissions that are original and that meet the previous requirements have the chance to be featured on official LUAG social media platforms. Submissions will be used for publicity and advertising purposes only. Credit will be given to the original poster/submitter in any subsequent postings.